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GID's 'new' service truck

The Board of Trustees would like to introduce the GID’s 'new' service truck – a 2009 grey Ford F150 XLT 4x4 crew cab, that you will be seeing in our community in the next few days (it will become more recognizable once identified by GID logo/markings).

After considerable in-depth investigation and discussion, it was determined that the District’s 2008 Kubota L3400DT has been under-utilized, with only 84 hours logged to GID service work since its purchase in 2008 (or approximately 14 hours/year).  The ongoing cost of insurance and maintenance, along with the inability of the GID to have a qualified operator on staff (in addition to our existing Water Operator, who cannot operate equipment and install/repair ground systems concurrently), led to a detailed cost comparison against our occasional contracting of job-appropriate equipment, including operator, as and when required.

At the same time, it was also identified that our aging 1999 Ford F150 XL two-wheel drive service truck fails to meet the GID’s current and future needs to access our existing and proposed new reservoir site in all seasons and weather conditions.

So, upon researching re-sale value and trade-in opportunities, we were able to secure a straight across trade for the 2009 low-mileage F150 4x4, equipped with custom services boxes and racks, that will serve our community and reservoir for many years to come.  Our plan is to also equip this vehicle with a snow blade for clearing fire hydrants and GID premises.