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AGM Questions/Responses

Per AGM Change of Format notice, we are posting questions submitted and GID responses.  Full AGM Minutes can be found in 'Forms & Reports/All Forms & Reports':

One (1) Online Question: Response in italics

Your email address genelle@shawbiz.com is not working, it sends back a message as undeliverable.

We apologize for the typographical error in the AGM Change of Format notice, and thank you for submitting your questions via website contact.

The following are the questions I have re the AGM. My main question is regarding the old reservoir.

  1. Has it been refurbished and is it back in use? No - no
  2. If not, has a contract been awarded to repair it and when will this occur? No – targeted for Spring 2021
  3. Who has the contract been awarded to and how much? Contract not yet awarded – estimated ~$102,000
  4. Where is it in the budget for 2020? For 2021? Fixed Assets Addition in 2021 Budget

My concern is how long it is taking to do this. Delays have been experienced in both the engineering of repairs, and in gaining competitive quotes from multiple contractors.

Future capital improvements.

  1. What are the capital improvements planned for the future? Ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  2. Is there a 5 or 10 year plan? Ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  3. If so, can that be provided to the Genelle residents or posted on the website? Budgets are set on an annual basis and provided at the annual AGM


One (1) Telephone Question: Response in italics

What specific services is the GID responsible for in Genelle, and is water tested for metals? The GID delivery objects are water delivery and garbage disposal (contracted). Comprehensive water analyses are undertaken every three years as prescribed by and reported to Interior Health Authority (these are in addition to weekly water quality testing). Results will be updated on the GID website, and/or are available in the meantime by request to the GID office.